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What to Look For in a Daypack.

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What to Look For in a Daypack


Style is a personal preference, but you’ll find that daypacks tend to fall into two categories — urban and athletic performance. Urban bags are designed for every day use, normally have a good organization system and they are usually a bit more fashionable. Performance bags are designed to be used for hiking or other athletic, outdoorsy activities. They tend to look a little ‘out of place’ in urban environments, but they tend to be more comfortable.  It is your choice to decide which you prefer.


Pickpockets are very common in most European cities, so it is important to keep that in mind when choosing a daypack. You can usually avoid becoming a victim by simply being aware of your surroundings, but sometimes you simply can’t avoid them — like crowded public transportation.

At the very least you’ll want zippers that can be clipped or locked together. This will deter 99% of would-be-thieves, but some companies also make slash proof bags that have a thin metal mesh sewn into the walls of the pack, if you want an extra level of security.


A good daypack should ideally be lightweight and easy to carry. Most backpacks aren’t that heavy, so this isn’t a huge issue, but you’ll probably want to avoid large and bulky bags.


While not completely necessary, it is really nice to be able to pack your daypack into your main travel backpack when you’re changing destinations. This feature also comes in handy if you plan to only carry-on when you fly, since most budget airlines only allow one carry-on item.

Some bags are designed to be easily rolled up and compressed into the size of a book. They are ultra-lightweight, but this style of bag doesn’t always have the best support system, so they’re not great if you add too much weight to the bag.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have room to pack your daypack, as many travelers will simply wear their daypack on their chest and their backpack on their back. It is a bit awkward, but it works.


A good daypack should be just big enough to carry a few items — camera, maps, guide book, snacks, light jacket/sweater, etc. The bigger the bag, the tougher it becomes to navigate crowded transportation and keep secure.

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