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how to choose the camera bag?

date:15-04-17 source: click on:2252


What type of protection does my camera need?

Camera bags come in a variety of different materials and with a variety of different types of padding. In general, the thicker it is the more protection it offers. Keep in mind though, that more protection means a heavier bag. Is it more important to keep your gear protected, or keep it accessible? If you pick up just one bag, make sure it will keep your gear protected in all the types of shooting you do; if you pick up more than one bag, you can choose one for the protection and one for the portability and swap based on the occasion. If you shoot outdoors, it’s also a good idea to look for something that can withstand some rain.

How quickly do I need to get to my camera?

Some bags are designed to keep a camera with the lens attached, ready to shoot and easy to access. When choosing a camera bag, if you need to get the gear out before the moment is gone, make sure you can store your camera with an attached lens. Sling and shoulder bags are generally easier to access, but some backpacks are designed for quick access, you just have to take one strap off and slide the bag towards the front so everything is within reach.

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